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From Laurie Halse Anderson Tumblr:
1. The idea came from an article about this epidemic in the Philadelphia Inquirer.
2. The research and writing took seven years.
3. Thirteen publishers rejected it. Scholastic didn’t fully reject it, but asked if I’d rewrite it to be part of their Dear America series. I said thank you, no.
4. I lost track of the number of revisions. 14? 112? Whatever, it took a long time and needed a lot of work. This book was my apprentice piece.
5. It has sold more than one million copies in the United States, won all kinds of shiny awards, is a standard part of elementary and middle school curriculum, and has been translated into Catalan, Dutch, Italian, Japanese, Mandarin, and Spanish.

Author Interview with Carolyn Frank

My friend, Lori, made a "cross your heart, hope to die, stick a needle in your eye" promise when she was in grade school. She promised not to tell who her best friend had a crush on. In a moment of weakness, Lori let the name slip out. She was devasted she'd betrayed her friend. So, Lori took a needle and stuck it in the white part of her right eye. To this day she has a teeny, tiny red spot on her eye. It reminds her to keep her promises! ~Taffy

Welcome Carolyn Frank today and her new release PROMISES!

Tell us in one sentence about your book. It’s about a timid girl growing up next to Bryce Canyon 100 years ago, who learns there’s a difference between complaining and standing up for herself. Sounds interesting!
What made you want to be a writer? I’ve liked to write since I was a kid, but I buried my desire when I had an overly critical teacher in college. But six years ago I read a book about a woman who went through a mid-life crisis and had an affair with a monk. The story…

Foto Friday

This almost looks like a different world. Or post apocalyptic.

The Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore


Help you and your characters

Need some help getting out of a writing slump? Try one (or all) of these exercises:

Take a scene from your story and change the POV.Write an obituary for your main characters.Rewrite an action scene between two characters with NO dialogue.Write a journal entry from one of your characters to reveal their biggest secret.Write a paragraph of one of your characters from the viewpoint of another.Change the age of your main character by ten years, up or down, and rewrite a scene from her POV.
What ideas have you tried in your writing that's helped you?

Foto Friday~Happy St. Patrick's Day


Can you create your own luck?

Can you create your own luck?
Thomas Jefferson said it best: "I'm a great believer in luck, and I find the harder I work, the more luck I have."
An open writer goes to a writer’s conference and sees the potential to make new friends and contacts with the possibility of getting in touch with an agent or editor. A closed writer sees competition and shuts down. Luck is what happens when you open yourself up to chance. Chance meets optimism.
You’ve worked on your manuscript, loved it, and now you feel the time has come to introduce it to the world. You hold you story out the window and wait for the Agent Fairy to fly by and pick it up. If only that’s how getting published worked! Luck is what happens when you sign up to pitch your story to an agent, find the perfect outfit, wear an extra layer of deodorant, prepare and deliver your one-minute speech. The next minute you’re being asked to send the full manuscript to the agent. Preparation meets opportunity.
I’m sure you’ve heard …

Character Obituaries

Our life dreams the Utopia. Our death achieves the Ideal. Victor Hugo

I needed a little help getting into the heads of my characters so I wrote an obituary for each of them.
You can say WOW with me?
What an enlightening activity both for the character and their loved ones. I searched through a few papers to find examples. Obituaries are written by a parent, sibling, off spring, spouse or friend. Each is unique. Some are stuffy, others humorous. Short and long. But each not only gives an insight to the one who has passed away but also those who are left behind.

Here are a few from my story. Can you tell anything about the character?

Our wonderful Josefina is finally free of her diabetes. She brought joy and happiness to our family.
The memory of her laugh and kindness to each of us will stay with us forever! She was cherished and loved by many and will be greatly missed!
From an early age, Josefina suffered from diabetes. She wore a brave face and carried a big stick. Her bro…

Today is the day


Catching up...

I had a great post idea for today but it flitted away. Next week maybe...

Catching up on my stuff:

Sick. Achy. Headache. Sneezing. My abs hurt from coughing. I've been taking white pills then brown pills all day. And napping. I popped in the six hour version of Pride & Prejudice but it didn't make sense. I'm going to feel better tomorrow! I know it!I had an awesome writer retreat weekend with my critique group girls (more on that later). I wrote about 14K in words. My goal is for this story to be done by Storymakers because I'm gonna pitch it.I also entered the First Chapter Contest Weird thing about being sick for me is I don't really enjoy TV but I read like a maniac. I'm catching up on my reading pile. I finished OLIVIA and am now reading THE DEATH CURE. Hope to finish tonight.I caught up on my review site yesterday. I have awesome friends. One brought me soup today.Hubby is out of town. Good and bad. Good because I'm tossing and turning at night, bad…

"You're the one who's got to know just when it's right"

Believe in yourself~you're the one who's got to know just when it's right

Something to Believe In by Parachute

No one can take your dreams away