Monday, March 19, 2012

Help you and your characters

Need some help getting out of a writing slump? Try one (or all) of these exercises:

  • Take a scene from your story and change the POV.
  • Write an obituary for your main characters.
  • Rewrite an action scene between two characters with NO dialogue.
  • Write a journal entry from one of your characters to reveal their biggest secret.
  • Write a paragraph of one of your characters from the viewpoint of another.
  • Change the age of your main character by ten years, up or down, and rewrite a scene from her POV.

What ideas have you tried in your writing that's helped you?


i'm erin. said...

YES I need to get out of a writer's slump. How about you just come over to the PG library and talk through my story with me and help me figure out what to do. Just saying.

Leigh Covington said...

Very good tips! So glad you shared. I can always use these :)

Alleged Author said...

I've written an obituary for one of my main characters before. It's fun!

Andrea said...

Its hard to write stuff you know will never be shared but it does help to get writing and also helps you understand your characters better.

Angie said...

Ha! Those are great suggestions. I'm taking note of these.

Taffy said...

Hello ladies! Thanks for stopping by!

Julie Daines said...

You think all problems can be solved by writing obits.