Thursday, March 27, 2014 | By: Taffy

7 Useful (and Free!) Apps for Writers

I don't know about you, but my iPhone/iPad are sadly underutilized. I try to us them for journaling and keeping notes but I haven't found exactly the apps that suit me. I'm a person who likes to try new things and keep trying until I am firmly stuck on the ones I love.
Here are a few apps I love, and a few I'm still trying out.

This note-taking app makes it very easy to write notes and organize them. Plus you can add pictures and verbal notes! I love that I can sync between phone and computer.

Note Taker HD
This is an interesting and intense app. You can take notes with a keyboard, stylus or you can write with your finger. I haven't been able to figure it all out yet but it's cool. And my hubby loved it.

This is a cool app that allows you to mindmap your thoughts. I need to play with it more. Another mindmapping I'm trying out is MagicalPad.

This is a simple word count app to keep you on track and productive.

Pandora or Jango
I listen to music while I write. It helps me tune out my inner critique. I like the apps that allow me to create my own stations. Every book I write seems to have a different station. My YA psychological thriller tuned into The Cure station while my YA contemporary characters enjoyed American Authors and Mumford & Son

Name Generator
There are tons of free name generator apps. From pirate to roller derby to cage fighter to convenience store names, you need a name ? There's an app for that. ;)

Don't forget your camera is a fantastic way to store visual ideas.

*** I have one more writing tool I LOVE I use on the computer to help me edit: AutoCrit Editing Wizard. You can get it for free or pay for the year. This editing machine shows me overused words, cliches, pacing, etc. I use it every time I edit.

Do you have a favorite app? Writing or non-writing? 
What is it?
Tuesday, March 25, 2014 | By: Taffy


Through a series of dreams and delusions, Curtis Hansen becomes convinced that he and his wife, Pauline, are part of an intricate game devised for the entertainment of wealthy onlookers. To win, the couple must stay together despite a series of temptations and trials designed to break up their marriage. After playing “The Game” with Curtis for nine arduous years, Pauline makes a shocking discovery. Read the riveting, true account of her decade in the dark and her return to reality after Curtis is diagnosed with paranoid schizophrenia.

What an amazing way to deal with what life has handed you. Pauline uses humor and tears and writes a book. 

This story tells of a mental disorder, work, family, cruddy living conditions, anger, love and forgiveness. I caught a glimpse into my own home life growing up.

Pauline gives a personal story, straight from her heart and life and asks us to only understand. Understand what she went through, how much she loves her husband and family and why she is the person she is today. 

I read this well-written and insightful book in a day.