Monday, December 5, 2016

A few of my favorite Christmas edition.

Do you have a book you like to read every season? Do you read one aloud to your family? Do you have one you like to read at night, by yourself?

I love A Christmas Carol. Really, I love any Charles Dickens book. One of the first books I feel for was A Tale of Two Cities. Even though his writing is slow in our day, I appreciate his descriptions and characters. I may not read the book every Christmas, I do watch one or two or three different movie versions of the book (the Jim Carey on freaks me out a little bit).

Charles began to write the story in September of 1843 and finished it in SIX weeks. The book was published in December of the same year. He and his publisher disagreed on the price and the color of the book. The book was finally book was bound in red cloth with gilt-edged pages, just a two days before publication.

 Here are a few of my favorite book covers of The Christmas Carol:

I like the robust Spirit of Christmas Past.

I like the scene of the town with Scrooge in the middle with his light.

I kinda love this one. It's different and creepy.

Isn't this one kinda pretty in it's starkness? Black and grey and ivory.

Okay. I had to add this one because it looks more like a book cover for a horror novel, not a Christmas book. I guess this really is a ghost story...

Scrooge, walking the streets all alone in the cold. I think the cover very telling. 

This cover reminds me of the books I read in elementary school. I loved to read but biographies mostly caught my attention.

I like this one. Looking through the window at the family eating dinner gives this story a different viewpoint.

I love this one! An illustrated Christmas Carol!

An annotated book of a Christmas Carol? Yes, please!

How did that get there?

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