Saturday, July 1, 2017

Annual Summer TBR Wipeout and other challenges

I'm doing FOUR reading challenges this summer. Not hard. Just reading. Cleaning out my Kindle and hardcover books by finally reading those books that have been begging to be picked up and loved.

My reading challenges are with #COYER (Clean Out Your E-Reads), Modern Mrs. Darcy , TBR Wipeout and Summer Book Trek *

I think it sounds fun and a great way to push me to get books on my TBR pile read!

  1. A Beautiful Blue Death
  2. A Study in Silks
  3. Prisoner of Ice and Snow
  4. Dream Me
  5. Ash and Quill
  6. Bring Her Home
  7. Perish From Earth
  8. Hello, Sunshine
  9. My Own Mr. Darcy*
  10. Relax, I'm a Ninja*
  11. An Ocean Away*
  12. A Season in London*
  13. Star-touched Queen
  14. The Clockwork Dynasty
  15. Lies Jane Austen Told Me*
  16. As You Wish
  17. My Lady Jane*
  18. Havencross*
  19. Flame in the Mist
  20. Watch Me Disappear
  21. Secret of the India Orchid*
  22. Fitness Junkie
  23. Royal Bastards
  24. The Original Jinny Moon
  25. Wreckage*
  26. Girl Out of Water
  27. It Started With Goodbye
  28. Don't Kiss the Messenger
  29. Thick As Thieves
  30. Defy the Stars
  31. The Go Between
  32. Rise and Shine, Benedict Stone
  33. The Library of Light and Shadow
  34. Mask of Shadows
  35. Where the Light Falls
  36. Romancing Daphne*
  37. P.S. I Like You*
  38. Presence
  39. Rosemarked
  40. I hate Everyone But You
  41. The Fifth Doll
  42. Everything We Keep
  43. The Killing Curse
  44. The Midnight Dance
  45. The Space Between Words
  46. Beautiful Poison
  47. The Original Ginny Moon
  48. If my Moon Was Your Sun
  49. The Fire Queen
  50. When the Mockingbird Sings

This is one of two challenges on Modern Mrs. Darcy's blog

I'm so excited to do these challenges!

What are you reading this summer??

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Priyanka Jadhav said...

Oh love your tbr!!! Happy reading this readathon!
I am participating as well and Here's my post!