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2016 Summer Book Trek

Every July, the fabulous Karlene from LDS Fiction hosts a fun summer reading challenge called Summer Book Trek. The basic goal is to read books and get reviews out there in the world. There are book prizes (of course!) too. Anyone can play/read/win! So come on! Pick the books you want to read in July and start reading.

Here is the link to the page to read the rules etc.

And here is the list of books I hope to read (will I have time to read ALL of them??):

3 Anthologies to Read This Summer

In honor of school being out, sun shining, I-need-a-great-book-to-read-by-the-pool, I've rounded up some of my favorite summer reads.

Take a look through the list (in no particular order) and share your favorite summer reading in the comments!

I honestly can't pick a favorite story from this one.

An Engagement of Convenience by Regina Scott
I loved the relationship between Kitty and Quentin. That's all I have to say about that.

A Perfect Match by Donna Hatch
Ah! True love at first sight. But will it work out?

The Pauper's House Party by Sarah Eden
But who's really the pauper?

Open for Love by Elana Johnson
Sabrina Arnold loves running her family's Bed & Breakfast in sunny New Orleans. What she doesn't love is the new establishment going up right next door. 

Secrets in the Sand by Cindy M. Hogan
Sometimes staying hidden, even for a spy, is nearly impossible.

Life’s a Beach by Jo Noelle
Jenna Brennan doesn’t believe in love. She doesn’t believe in marriage, a…

WILLOWKEEP by Julie Daines ~ Book review

Charlotte Darby’s ship is sinking. Penniless and alone, she is struggling to care for herself and her young sister in the harsh seaport town of Kingston upon Hull. When a solicitor from London brings news that she is the heir to a vast estate in Kent, it seems her days of rough seas are over. Willowkeep is prosperous and grand, far too much for a shipping merchant’s daughter to manage, and she quickly comes to rely on the help of Henry Morland, the estate’s kind and handsome steward.

Henry has worked hard his entire life, but all the money he’s saved won’t be enough to get his father out of debtor’s prison. Henry’s fondness for Charlotte and her sister is only another reminder of his low status and lack of money. Though he is willing to do whatever it takes to keep Charlotte happy and looked after, as the county’s wealthiest lady, she can never be his.

Courted by a charming man of the ton, threatened by those desperate to get their hands on her money, and determined to kee…

The Only Thing Worse Than Me Is You by Lily Anderson INTERVIEW! With 2016 debute author

Welcome to Lily Anderson! She's a 2016 debute author and I'm excited to have her here. I've read her book and loved it.

How long did you work on The Only Thing Worse Than Me is You? I started THE ONLY THING WORSE THAN ME IS YOU in late 2012. I wrote the first forty pages in a sprint and then set the book aside while I worked on other projects and moved and found a new job. When I picked the story back up again, it took about three months to finish. Then, after finding my literary agent, I did a small rewrite and a much larger overhauling when I started working with my editor at St. Martin’s Press. Turning in my copyedits in November of last year was the last time I could tweak the novel. So, all told, it was about three years of writing.
What was your inspiration for writing this book? I was tired of whining about not being able to find a Much Ado About Nothing retelling! It’s my all-time favorite play and I wanted to see it modernized. (This was before Joss Whedon’s movie v…

Stuck on the ending... roundup of helpful posts

I'm finishing my WWI historical romance EMMA (still waiting for a title to hit me). I've been working on this story for a looooong time, too long for me. I'm the kind of person who can see the end very clearly and I just want to hop, skip and high jump over everything in the middle. I can't really do that when writing, now can I?
But lately, I've come to realize a harsh and ugly fact about the writer in me: I can't finish this story. Don't misunderstand, I have at least five other finished stories. It's the ending I have a problem with. Or maybe I'm scared. What if my story sucks? What if I got the history part of it wrong?

I made a goal this summer: write fast AND clean so my edits are easier. How will I do this?? First, I've committed to writing a loose outline before I start to write. Characters, setting, and a few scenes and dialogue that have popped into my crazy head. Then I'll write really fast because it's what I love to do. An…