Foto Friends Friday

Shout out to Erin Summerill, Jessie Humphries and Julie Donaldson. 
Julie won a couple of Whitney awards. 
Erin took hundreds of pictures.
Jessie rocked her two day book launch.
Amazing ladies, gifted women.

Did I mention fun and funny? No? Will, they are. Julie hates this pic and I don't blame her. When you are close to your due date and feeling huge and really, really hurting, it's hard to smile and laugh. She's a good sport and genuinely kind. Her acceptance speech is gracious and full of gratitude to a love Heavenly Father. Classy.

You know you're going to have a crazy time whenever you spend time with Summerill. From theme-coded outfits to crazy pictures and lots of laughs, Erin keeps me smiling. And bonus that she's a sweetie who loves her family and friends. We should see her books on the shelves in no time.

Jessie is the token Vegas friend. LOL. Long legs, shiny hair and kicking butt like nobody's business, she's hot. And not just in looks and brains. Her writing is hot. Read. Her. Book. It's hot. KILLING RUBY ROSE.

P.S. There is only one person who is prego in the above pic...


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