LDStorymakers Conference ~ Focused Pratice~ Howard Tayler

Howard Tayler taught a master class which showed how to practice so that our writing weaknesses can become our strenghts.
Howard gave us a ton of useful sprints to help whatever ails a writer or just to get your writing gears moving.
He suggests doing a 15 minute sprint every time you start to write.

These are the other sprints he taught us:

10 minute prompt in first person limited (an alien or ghost trying to communicate through the phone)
Outline practice ~ take a movie and write an outline as quickly as you can
Dialogue practice~ write only dialogue and convey who and what the story is about
Editing practice ~ edit into 140 words
(Most of the sprints were fifteen to twenty minutes)

Very important! Do a once-a-year self-evaluation. Every year, take 5 minutes to evaluate what you do well and what you do poorly. Then do a sprint for something you need to work on. I need to work on internalization. So Howard suggested a twenty sprint where all I focus on is emotions and physical reactions.

What do you do well in your writing?
What do you need to work on?


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