Wednesday, February 20, 2013

Writers on Wednesday ~ Cindy Bennett & Blog Tour

Today, Cindy Bennett is making a stop here on her blog tour for RAPUNZEL UNTANGLED. She has a great sense of humor and uses it in her writing.

Enjoy today's post:

Give us your elevator pitch.
 Rapunzel Untangled is the modern day version of her tale with witches, Facebook, and a charming non-prince.

What’s your favorite snack?
Lately I've been on a Ranch flavored Pringles kick. I know: fake chips, right? And they give me horrendous breath. Still, horrible as they are for me, they're pretty tasty.

What is your most memorable high school experience?
Meeting my husband. He was very outgoing and I was a complete wallflower, so he seemed very intimidating to me at first. He was a well-known football player and I tried to blend into the background, so we were a strange combination. I don't think I spoke more than 3 words to him when we first met, but somehow I managed to convince him to be my boyfriend anyway.

What was the first book that turned you into a reader?
Where the Wild Things Are is the first book I remember reading, but I think it was the Beezus and Ramona books by Beverly Cleary that really showed me that books can take you into worlds you'd want to live in, with characters you'd want for friends.

Are you a night owl or early bird?
Total night owl. Mornings and I don't get along at all. I'm usually up until anywhere between 3 and 5 a.m. and sleep until noon.

What is your favorite meal?
Homemade chicken enchiladas with white sauce. Yummmmmm.

What do you never leave home without?
Since I can't take my laptop (which is quite large and weighs 13 lbs) I take my phone which keeps me connected. Now if only I could somehow figure out how to write on it . . .

Do you have any pets?
 I currently have 3 dogs, which is weird because I'm not a dog person. But my husband and kids are, so there you go. I have another 2 dogs currently staying here with my daughter-in-law while my son is deployed to Qatar. 5 dogs!

What is one piece of advice you would give aspiring writers?
Keep on writing, every single day, even if it's only for ten minutes at a time. While you're doing it, make sure you learn the mechanics of writing (spelling, grammar, punctuation) and utilize them while retaining your unique writers voice.

What are you goals for 2013?
Writing-wise I plan to finish the last two tales for Enchanted Fairytales by the end of February, complete the sci-fi collaboration I'm writing with Sherry Gammon and Jeffery Moore, finish a novella I'm writing for a paranormal/fantasy anthology due out in March or April, complete the sequel to Immortal Mine, and get a start on another novel that's been shoving its way into my brain. Personally I plan to try to spend more time with my family and at least pretend to clean my house once in a while.

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Cindy C Bennett said...

Hey, Taffy, thanks for letting me stop by your blog today! :o)

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