Monday, August 13, 2012

Updated Updates

Wow! I can't believe school is about to start! Where did summer vacation fly off? What about all my summer plans? Did I get any done?
Will my kids remember this as a fun summer? Or totally boring?

Let me see if I remember what we did:
  • Pool
  • Girl's Camp
  • Scout Camps
  • Mall
  • 4th of July and Pioneer Day Fireworks
  • Took friends to Temple Square
  • ATVing
  • Family Reunions
  • Camping
  • Science Projects
  • Late night movies
  • Sleep outs

We had a full summer as a family! Hopefully the Lovell kids had as much fun as I did.

For me summer was fun and hard. I really wanted to spend the day at the pool writing, editing and reading. I try not to ignore the family while we're together so that means less computer time. I found ways to work, but not near as much as when everyone is back to school, which is fine because summer should be about family.

  • I read 18 books so far this summer.
  • Hosted a couple of blog tours
  • Edited over 150 pages on IT'S NOT ME
  • Started as the elementary PTA president
  • Busy with our library
  • Helped with Tristi's book launch

I kept busy! Still, I can't believe summer vacation is almost over!

HOW ABOUT YOU? How do you feel about your summer? Do you make summer goals/plans?


Holly Ann said...

I wanted to take a vacation or at least go to Zion's or at least hike Timp. I did none of those things. It's been fun anyway, and I get to go home in October!

Taffy said...

I think you've had fun with your job! Couldn't really plan that one. You can still hike Timp. Our youth went a couple of weeks ago. Addi made it half way, which was the goal.
I hope we get to see you in TX in OCT.