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If You Are A Writer...

Are you feeling discouraged about your writing?
Do you wonder how your work will make it out in the world?
How will you shine in a sea of so many?

Read this!

Happy End of June

I don't know if it's happy or not. Right now, looking at the calendar, I can't believe this month is almost over! I'm hoping July slows down a little bit or my writing goals will be "patoot" out the window.
That being said. I'm taking the rest of the week and maybe the first of July off so I can finish my alien MS. I realized this AM that I need to show more of the setting or spaceship. My original goal was by the end of this week but I think I'll push it a week back.
Friday Fotos are scheduled so those will post.
Thanks for coming over here and being my friend! I love you readers!
Taffy out.

We interrupt this blog...for Pottermore!


I have nothing today. I blame it on summer and lax schedules and children being home and four different camps and me loving to sit at the pool and read. And watch the kids, of course.
Also, I'm trying to get my WIP edited by the end of June to submit it (an agent asked to see a full).
I have a new WIP going through my critique group right now. It's a thriller I think, bordering on horror, I think (I really should make an outline and not pants this one).
I LOVE summer.

What are you up to?

A Youngster's Story

"I went outside and wrote this all by myself, Mom."

"I see little plants like I'm in a tiny jungl. I see houses like honted manchins.
I see clouds like pilows in the deep Blue seas. I see the sun like a huge Firework.
I see roks like little ants.
I see cats and dog like tigers. I see spoons like miny shovles. I see tails like lots of snaks. I see cars like Big Bugs on the road. I see Birds like huge dragons in the air. I see trees like gaint peaple. I see whales like Big plans in the water. I see spiks like on a Dinsor.
I see Balls like meters Falling From the sky.
the end

(Copied straight from the little, green paper handed to me Sunday afternoon).

Funny Foto Friday

Crazy illustrations by Chow Hun Lam

ELEMENTAL by Tiffany Dominguez Review & Interview

Hi, Tiffany! Thanks for visiting! Let's get down to the interview, shall we?
Can you tell us in one sentence about your book?
Luke’s out of control and Eva is the only one who can stop him.

Do you need music or quiet while writing?

QUIET. I’m a very focused, intense writer. I have little time (thanks to three little girls) so I have to make every minute count. I can easily get lost in my manuscript if I have no distractions. Boring, I know! Wouldn’t it be much more interesting if I could answer that the Biebs really gets me on a roll? Sorry!

Do you have a favorite breakfast food?

I drive my girls to private school a half hour away every morning so I don’t have time to sit down for a meal (as much as I’d like to--eating is one of the things I do best). My favorite thing to grab is a chocolate covered coconut granola bar. Love those! On weekends, I like to make omelets with peppers, onions, chilis and lots of cheese.

Are you a night owl or early bird?

In my second life, I’m a night owl. …

My Query

Highlights from Elana Johnson's Class:

A query letter is to generate requests!

What you need in your query letter:
Hook. Sum up your novel in one sentence.Setup. A few details about the main character, world-building and catalyst.Conflict. What does the MC want?Consequence. What will happen if the MC doesn't overcome the conflict? 

This is what my query looks like after Elana's awesomesauce class with notes in () from said class:

Dear Agent,
I read your blog and noticed you are interested in Young Adult Science Fiction (add personal touch as this shows you did your research). FROZEN (title always in caps) is a 55,000 word count novel about a small-town girl who discovers other-worldly visitors living in her midst.

Seventeen-year-old Mandy McAllister is assigned to write about missing youth for the school paper. As she digs deeper into the strange disappearances, she discovers her town is full of secrets, lies--and aliens (this last sentence is the hook. It sums up the novel…

Fun Foto Friday

Isn't this an interestingly bright picture?? What kind of story would YOU write off this foto?


As writers, well, really, as humans, we gotta keep going, keep digging.

POSSESSION on the beach-Happy Birthday!

I'm sooooooooooo happy for Elana!
Her baby is out in the world now.
Happy book day to you!
Wish I could go to King's English and hear/see you, Elana.
So I offer this post and  awesomesauce pic instead.

Yup.  Possession is at the beach. In Hawaii.
Love ya, Elana!
Loved your book too!!

More on The Help

Want to learn more about the writing in The Help? Larry Brooks @ Storyfix has "deconstructed" the book. He breaks it down so we can understand what makes the story so great.

The Help Structure

The Help by Kathryn Stockett in a library/theater near you

How many of you read The Help, raise your hands?

A few facts about "The Help":

Kathryn's first novel.  On the #1 NY bestsellers for over a year.Currently on the #1 NY bestseller list for paperbacks.Being made into a movie due out in August.Rejected by 45 agents.Read the last fact one more time. I'll wait.
Yup. Rejected by 45 agents.

Keep moving forward, my writerly friends. Keep moving forward. You. Can. Do. This!

Foto Friday

Love this cover! What do you think??

Writing a Synopsis

This is from one of the classes at LDStorymakers:

Writing a short synopsis

A synopsis should tell the agent:
The hook
The genre
The audience
What happens

Easy enough!

A synopsis must:
Make sense!
Give sense of tone and plot
Bring out what is unique
Make the agent want to read more

Do not do these:
Blurb yourself
Make comparsions that don't make sense
Tell too much
Include praise from the relatives or pets
Market your book

Also avoid:
Starting with a question
Trying to be too clever or funny

Not too hard, is it? Have you written a synopsis yet? How did it go? Or, what are you stuck on?