Wednesday, June 1, 2011

Writing a Synopsis

This is from one of the classes at LDStorymakers:

Writing a short synopsis

A synopsis should tell the agent:
The hook
The genre
The audience
What happens

Easy enough!

A synopsis must:
Make sense!
Give sense of tone and plot
Bring out what is unique
Make the agent want to read more

Do not do these:
Blurb yourself
Make comparsions that don't make sense
Tell too much
Include praise from the relatives or pets
Market your book

Also avoid:
Starting with a question
Trying to be too clever or funny

Not too hard, is it? Have you written a synopsis yet? How did it go? Or, what are you stuck on?


Carolyn Arnold said...

I've been through the synopsis process a few times, and I believe I have the system down.

Best piece of advice that's helped me is: write a sentence that is the hook, one that describes the turning point of the book, and one that sums up the book.

Write from point A to B to C. If you're like me you'll start off a little longer than ideal, but it gives a terrific springboard for trimming it down to a nice succinct synopsis.

Taffy said...

That's great advice, Carolyn! I think I'll try it today!

Julie Daines said...

Let me know if you need any help with that, Taffy. ;)

Lillian J. Banks said...

But my chickens think my book is the bees knees :)

Anonymous said...

I've been guilty of telling too much.

These are great tips on synopsis writing.