Friday, July 16, 2010

TRAPPED by Ronda Gibb Hinrichson

A forged letter, a golden vial, an ancient curse...

Her expression remained somber, but excitement crept into her voice. You are the Firstborn She...You must go to them. You want me to act as bait? Not bait, Emi. A spy. Our Trojan horse.

When Emi Warrin wakes one night to find a thief in her mother's house, she has no idea the intruder has planted a trap - a mysterious letter that will change her life forever. Lured to the Austrian Alps with Daniel, the man she loves, Emi is thrown into a perilous, mafia-like world of feuding families and a devastating curse that spans generations. As the Firstborn She - the only firstborn female in hundreds of years - only Emi can free her family from the curse that will soon afflict her as well. But for Emi to break the curse, she must delve into evil designs. As Emi struggles to understand her destiny as the Firstborn She, she learns that everything isn't as it seems and that all choices have consequences. Can Emi break the curse before it's too late?

I received this book to review. I started reading and felt like I was in a dream. I somehow or some time have read this book. It was me :)
Ronda's newest book is a mystery/paranormal/romance story. Emi, the main character, is the first female born in years into her family and they are all anxious for her to break the curse placed on them generations ago.
I had a hard time getting into the book because of so much detail, I guess. It was interesting but a little slow. I'm also critical and guessed the bad guy from the beginning. BUT! There are many twists and turns that Ronda takes her readers on and the ending is good.
And like any good mystery or suspense story, I wondered if the good guys were the bad guys etc.
The story of the curse is in and of itself an interesting story. Ronda could probably write a whole book just on the curse.
The romance didn't click with me but Rhonda does introduce beautiful people :)
This is a good, clean read for any age.

V: Kidnapping, fights
L: None
S: None

Page 69 Test:
"We just arrived. But so far, yes," Daniel answered.
She smiled, glancing at me and then at Daniel again. "I hope I am not bothering you, but I heard you speak of Traugott. I am a tour guide. Would you like me to take you there?"
I stared. "Yes!"
The woman grinned back.
Taking hold of my arm, Daniel asked, "Is it far?"
"Two hours."
I looked back at the sausage cart. Hans's mother kept glancing at us as she served the two men who had stood in line with the young woman.
"I have a car," the young woman added. "I will give you a good price." She wrote the amount on a piece of paper and handed it to Daniel.
"When can we go?" I asked."I think my father might be there."
"Yes. Maybe you've heard of him. His name is Alexander Tillman."
Hans's mother stared at me then, her black eyes as wide as Hans's had been when he learned we were Americans.
The young woman's face remained expressionless. "No. I do not know him. But we can go tomorrow, okay?"
"Yes, that would be great."
Daniel took his small notebook from his back pocket. "What time should we meet you?"
"Don't worry about writing it down, I told him. "I'll remember."
He ignored me.
The young woman smiled again. "We can go anytime you want. Maybe 10:00?"
"Could we start earlier?" I asked. "How about 8:00?"

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