Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Go With The Flow-Feel The Vibe From Here To Asia

I feel like summer is finally here!

My family is all home for at least two weeks and we can have some sort of informal schedule. June was spent in three scout camps, getting ready for said scout camps, youth conference, getting ready for girls camp, girls camp, hubby traveling, Drama Teen getting a job, and washing all the clothes to be repacked again.
But today!
Today I was in a routine again.
I haven't really been writing this summer because, I guess you could say, I've been busy. I've made sure I had my chapters ready for critique and I scheduled blog posts.
But I haven't felt like I could take the time to sit and write. I like to have more than 30 minutes to be creative.
But the last two or three days I've had two whole, uninterrupted hours together and I found myself grinning and centering and relaxing and enjoying my writing (even if it was just editing).
This morning, a nasty little thought crept into my brain. I'll repeat it here but only quietly because I REALLY do LOVE summer and having the kids home: I-wish-school-would-start-soon.
I know! Rudeness.
My wish came from the creative side that woke up after a nearly two month hiatus.
I soothed her with promises to find a couple of hours today to let her do her thing. She bowed and nodded and went back to humming in the background.
I'll have to find time between my youth meeting, swim lesson and I really should buy food so we don't have to eat cold cereal for three meals again.
A promise is a promise.

What is your summer schedule like?
Do you feel you've had to let creativity take a back seat?


Stephanie Humphreys said...

Summer holidays at my house are only two months long and with all the camps and reunions and summer vacation, it doesn't take me long at all to wish that school would start again. My creativity always has big plans to get lots done, but somehow over the ten months school is in session, we always forget how very busy summer is. I miss routine!

Peggy said...

I haven't had a moment to write in weeks, either. I went to watch my daughter at volleyball camp this morning and took my laptop with me (Because really. You don't have to look at the keys when you write, so I can still technically "watch" her while I write. I know. Genius. :)) Gosh it felt good! Writing makes me happy. It makes me a happier mommy. I really should find a way to do it more often.

Taffy said...

I find myself getting grouchy and realize it's because I have written in days, sometimes weeks. It's like a fix a need, I guess!
I always look forward to summer, this year was just different, busier.

Kimi said...

Same. This summer, especially, has been so busy we haven't even been able to do our favorite summer chillaxin' and boating and stuff.

Well, maybe a little. But not enough!

And the house! What the heck? 3 words: Di. Zass. Ter.