Monday, June 28, 2010

Save The Word!

Yes, you!
You must help save the word!
You can start by clicking this link. Then find a word and adopt it. Then you pledge to use the word in your every day conversation. Ideas for usage come with your special word.
Don't be afraid of the words. They all want to be adopted and will make lots of noise to get picked.
There is a word out there waiting for you! Or two or three. (Know your limit of conversation before adopting too many.)
And by all means, have fun! Go on walks with your words. Take them to the park or museum. Your date/spouse/significant other will be impress with your new vocab.
We can do this together! Once you pick a word, come back here and let me know what it is, how you used it and on whom.

This is my first try at adopting a word and I was a little nervous but I did it. I registered and picked a word.
Here is my word, definition and possible usage:
Small and slender
Even though he was a slimikin, Snow White thought it wise to steer clear of Grumpy.


Peggy said...

I got JUNGIBLE. I can't remember what the definition is, and it's not in the dictionary. They said they'd send me an email telling me about my responsibilities and the definition of the word, but I still haven't gotten it! Now I'm afraid that I won't be able to bring this word that I was entrusted with back to life. :(

Taffy said...

LOL! Peggy! I didn't get an email either! Maybe they aren't up to date.
Let's make up a definition:
When Tarzan came to civilization, it was quickly realized he was jungible. He was often found swinging from lamp posts and letting the gorillas out from the zoo. To treat jungible, Tarzan had to go back to the wild.