Thursday, June 24, 2010

Love This Picture-Have a Great Weekend

Would this pic fit in a steam punk story?
What is steam punk?
Have you read/written any thing steam punk?
Am I even saying/spelling it right?

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Shauna said...

The folks that do the Cake Wrecks website are putting together a SteamPunk dining room that she has been blogging about on her personal girlie/geek blog. I hadn't heard of it before them. It is a show, or a style? I'm so easily confused. :[

Peggy said...

The book I've been writing the last six months is a steam punk. LOVE writing steam punk. It's so much fun!

Shauna-- It's a term used mostly for books, movies, tv shows, stuff like that. It means that the civilization doesn't have electricity. Either they did and lost it (in my case, because of WWIII), or they never progressed to the stage of using electricity.

A couple examples are the movie Wild West (with Will Smith), and The Golden Compass, but there are really tons now. It's starting to be more popular lately.

Melanie Sherman said...

I love the first line of your WIP. I read it over at A No. 2 pencil stat!

It certainly captured my attention. Excellent.