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Monday, March 8, 2010

Contests & Book Launches

Contests galore around the web! It's easy to snare yourself some free goods if you'll just try!

Elana Johnson is giving away BOOKS! Lots of SIGNED books!

Shooting Stars is doing a great giveaway also: a 40 page partial submission and critique of said pages; signed books AND toffee!

Kimberly Job is giving away her favorite things on her blog, Scribbled Scraps, including her critique group :) Not really.

Daron Fraley
is doing a give away to help launch his new book "The Thorn" which is book one of 'The Chronicles of Gan'. Go Daron!

3 Authors, 3 genres, 3 new books! Friday, March 12 6-8 PM @ The Deseret Book by the Orem Mall.
Go see these lovely ladies, win a door prize and buy their books!

Annette Lyon is giving away her four-book set temple books in conjunction to her book launch! Her newest book is called 'Band of Sisters'.

Sarah M.Eden writes Regency Romances that are good, clean books. Her newest book is 'Courting Miss Lancaster'.

Julie Coulter Bellon is another great author and she lives in the same area as me! So what's not to like? Julie's newest book is 'Dangerous Connections'.


Rebecca Irvine said...

I so want to go to this--but AZ is just too far away to make it convenient.

Taffy said...

Did I tell you I use to live in AZ?

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Writer Website in A Weekend