More Contests! Wanna Win?

Contests galore and my poor tired fingers are whining, "Please stop!" But I say "Nay! I must post for my readers!"

Queen of the Clan is doing The Officebox and The Original Scrapbox giveaway PLUS a new book out by Rachelle J. Christensen, 'Wrong Number'. Go check it out! Want to see the book trailer? Go here.

D.N. Giles is giving away a signed copy of "The Sharp Edge" of the Knife on her blog also with the Scrapbox giveaway.

There's actually a HUGE list of blogs (25 to be exact) participating in this giveaway. Whatever blog you are on for the contest will list the other blogs.
Good luck!


M.R.Bunderson said…
Hello, Please note that to qualify for the extra 15 entries you must post the trailer on your site, not just link to it. I double checked with Rachelle just to be sure.

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