Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Contest Time!

I found a couple of awesome contests via a few bloggers I follow.
The prize?
A query critique.
That's worth following a couple of blogs I haven't read before!

Market My Words is part of the contest and she has a great post about marketing to librarians.
Elana Johnson's blog has different ways to enter her part of the contest.

Want a funny, clean book to read? "Mormon Mishaps and Mischief" will keep you laughing out loud. Enter the contest @ Queen of the Clan, C. Larene Hall, Story Painter, Rachelle Writes, The Write Blocks and Thoughts on LDS.


Peggy said...

Awesome! I entered.

Victoria Dixon said...

Yeah, I followed you from the contest. ;D I'm curious, do you have any stories set in Taiwan? I've a fetish about Asia. LOL

Taffy said...

Oh, Victoria, I have a romance that came true in Taiwan :)