Book Review

Princess of the Midnight Ball by Jessica Day George

"Princess of the Midnight Ball" is a retelling of the '12 Dancing Princesses' with the main character who happens to be a polite, kind orphan boy who knits!  
Galen finds his mother's sister who immediately takes him in. His uncle is the royal gardener and Galen becomes an under-gardner. He soon becomes involved in the Palace and more precisely, the princesses secrets. 
Each princess is named after a flower and Ms. George gives each sister something to remember her. One plays the pianoforte, another takes to praying often, another hates dancing.  
The queen wanting desperately to have children makes an unsavory bargain with an evil underworld being: King Under Stone. After the queen died, her 12 daughters have to fulfill the bargain. 
How will young Galen, a commoner, solve the royal mystery? You will need to read the book to find out. And while you are finding the book, pick up some knitting needles and yarn! There are knitting patterns in the back of the book! 
This book is a fun and intriguing read with its fair share of good twists and bad guys.
Plus surprises until right up to the end!


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