Tuesday, January 17, 2017

New Year! Welcome 2017!

First off, happy 2017! Wahoo! It's a new year, a new perspective, a new beginning.

I had this whole blog post I typed up about me and mine and what we went through last year and the positive that came out of the negative and the goals I didn't achieve last year and the one's I want to check off this year.
But then I saw watched this TED talk with Brené Brown and she says so many things of what I was thinking for myself this year. I want to be kinder to myself. Forgive myself more; say no more; open my heart more.

Here are a few WOW moments from the talk for me:

  • We make what is uncertain, certain. For instance, politics and religion. We tend to say, "I'm right, you're wrong. Shut up." There's no discourse or conversation anymore, just blame.
  • What is blame? Blame is a way to discharge our pain and discomfort. (WOW)
  • We are hardwired to struggle. We are not perfect. But we ARE worthy of love and belonging!

The takeaways:
  • Let ourselves be seen, deeply seen
  • Love with out hearts, even though there is no guarantee
  • Practice gratitude and joy in those moments of terror
  • I am enough. We are kinder and gentler to the people around us and ourselves when we know we are enough

So I'm going share it with you. It's about 20 minutes long but thought provoking.

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Neurotic Workaholic said...

I think it's often difficult for us to accept that "we are enough," especially because there are so many people and sources (the media, etc.) that make us feel like there's something missing/wrong with us and that we need to "fix" ourselves somehow.