Wednesday Writing with 2 Felines ~ Writing Apps

This is a very serious face. Or a disturbed one. Or annoyed. I'll vote for annoyed. This feline does not like to be dressed up.

I found two fun, writing apps! Seriously, they could be addicting. I also am adding my favorite editing tool. I use it ALL the time. It helps me see my manuscript differently and I feel, helps me write better.

Do you have any favorite apps or websites? Add them in the comments!

Hemingway Editor

Plug in your chapter and find something similar to this:


Grade 5

Paragraphs: 2
Sentences: 313
Words: 3600
Characters: 16017

14 of 313sentences are hard to read.
0 of 313 sentences are very hard to read.
15 adverbs. Aim for 1 or fewer.
3 words or phrases can be simpler.
12 uses of passive voice. Aim for 63 or fewer.

The Writer's Diet Test

"Is your work flabby or fit?"

When I plugged in my first chapter, this is what the test told me:


My writing is LEAN! Which means CLEAN! The scale goes from LEAN to HEART ATTACK, depending on how many adverbs, prepositions, etc are in the chapter.


"Manuscript software for fiction writers"

You can use this for free but can only have a hundred words or so. You can buy different packages, too. I like the unlimited usage, especially when I'm in the final edits of the story. I use this one a ton! I love it.

What is your favorite writing app or website?


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