Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Wednesday Writing with 2 Felines ~ Editing

I'm watching you, always watching. Get back to work!
I hate editing. Self editing. My story baby should be perfect the first time I type it out! Agents will clamor for it, it will soar to the #1 spot on any best seller list and the money should be rolling in.

That's what happened to no writer anywhere.

This writing and editing is journey I should try and enjoy and some days I do more than others. Some days I'm stuck and some days I sail. But when I'm stuck, I try a little editing and most times that helps me see the flaws and weaknesses to can fix.
At the ANWA conference, Lisa Mangum touched on how she edits. What to learn from the best? Here's a few tidbits:

1. Change your document to a different font, like Verdana. This will get help your brain turn from the creative writer to the analytical editor.

2. Use Chicago manual of Style to make a list of the small things you need to add, like title page, copy right, dedication page etc.

3. Run spell check

4. Look at the small details like:
     one space between sentences
     double space lines
     Use an asterisk for scene break
     Make sure chapters are numbered
     page break before each chapter opening

5. Read it! Print it out and read it out loud.

6. Test it. Send your manuscript to a critique group and/or beta readers

7. Read it again.

Good advice and ideas!
Do you anything you would add to this list?

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