Wednesday Writing with 2 Felines ~ letter to agent

The nice things about cats is they are so unassuming. Give them food, a sunny floor and some attention and they will be least for the day. Let me think of ten things I like about cats:

1. Cats are content to be left alone.
2. They don't eat all their food at once.
3. They purr.
4. Cats like to snuggle.
5. No. Drama.
6. Our cats catch mice and snakes and small dogs.
7. They don't leave little "surprises" everywhere.
8. They eat insects.
9. Cats are sneaky.
10. They are quiet animals.

Have you ever done the assignment where you have to write ten positive things about yourself? Why is that so hard? Could you write ten positive things about your writing? I bet you could!
Here's a writing prompt for you:

Write a letter to your perfect agent telling him/her how wonderful you are.


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