Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Wednesday Writing with 2 Felines

My sister-in-law gave us two kitties. She told us she thought they were females but they were so
young no one really knew. My twins, boy and girl, each got and named a cat.
My daughter named her cat Bella, after Twilight (we are not bashing that series or author here. My reluctant reader read all the books and I was proud of her). My son named his Crisco. Yes, after the shortening.
I took the cats to the vet to be "fixed" and found out they were indeed male cats. haha. The names were already stuck so we didn't change them. Until I accidentally ran over Bella. She walked with a limp for a few weeks but otherwise was fine. My husband renamed the cat Squish, for obvious reasons, and that name has stuck too.
Lately, we've started calling Bella Squish, Fat Cat, because he is! So many names, such a little creature.

Do you sometimes have problems coming up with a characters name? Nicknames? Or where they were born or work? Or how about their birthday, email address and password?
I found this fun site to help you fill out more of your character's backstory. You can choose gender, country, etc. It's random and intriguing and easy. It's pretty detailed too! Address, phone number, mother's maiden name, even blood type!
Just be warned! It's easy to get sucked in play for a long time. Not that I did or anything...

Here is a random one when I went and tried it just now:

Anabel A. Berger

3362 Saint Francis Way
Philadelphia, PA 19108
Curious what Anabel means? Click here to find out!
  • Phone:
  • 267-235-6867

  • Email Address:

  • Username:
  • Asted1960

  • Password:
  • Shai4wahk

  • Mother's Maiden name:
  • Hall

  • Birthday:
  • March 26, 1960 (54 years old)

  • Visa:
  • 4485 9387 8134 1018

  • Expires:
  • 1/2016

  • CVV2
  • 771

  • SSN:
  • 206-34-XXXX
    You should click here to find out if your SSN is online.

  • Favorite color:
  • Blue

  • Occupation:
  • Tilesetter

  • Company:
  • Herman's World of Sporting Goods

  • Website:

  • Vehicle:
  • 2006 Kia Sedona

  • UPS Tracking Number:
  • 1Z 691 7E5 12 4500 492 8

  • Blood type:
  • A+

  • Weight:
  • 230.1 pounds (104.6 kilograms)

  • Height:
  • 5' 3" (161 centimeters)

  • GUID:
  • 544cea15-f3a3-4393-a491-8253459b82da

  • Geo coordinates:
  • 40.05195, -75.057889

  • QR Code:
  • Click to view the QR code for this identity

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