Utah Book Month ~ Pleasant Grove Library Spotlight!

I love our local library and the wonderful librarians who run the show. They run programs such as: Preschool Story Time, After School Activity Program (A.S.A.P.),  Book Bash for Boys, Great Reads for Girls, Spanish Story Time, Music and Movement and Professional Writers Series, to name a few. There are computers, a literacy center, Playaways and of course, books.
A new library director, Sherri Birtch,  was hired earlier this year and she has made some changes that have given the library a facelift. It's been fun getting to new her.

My son made this video commercial for the library. Take a look and come visit us soon!



Suey said…
Love libraries! Hey.. but I'm not seeing a video or a link to one....I want to watch it! :)
Taffy said…
I got it up, Suey! Thanks for stopping by!
Such a fun spotlight. It's really amazing the number of programs libraries bring to a community.

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