Paperback vs. Audiobook vs. ebook

I've used many, many different formats to read books. 

Kindle~ When I use the stationary bike at the rec center, I take my Kindle. Not only does reading pass the boring time of pedaling, I get a ton of reading done. I'm on netgalley (are you?) and have a ton of catching up to do. It's fun reading books that haven't hit the market yet. 

Audiobook~ I listen to audiobooks and playaways while I'm traveling or go walking. This too passes the time. I've learned this format doesn't work while I'm on exercise machines. I get too distracted by the TVs and their closed captioning. It's never a good idea to listen and read at the same time. 

Graphic novels ~ LOVE Shannon Hale's graphic novels, especially Rapunzal's Revenge. And ALL my kids have read the books at least once. I check out the history ones now and "accidentally" leave them around the house. 

Pottermore ~ Have any of you been on Pottermore? It's Brillant! Talk about interaction with your readers. This site is amazing. I'm making a vow right now to get on there more often with my children this summer. I wouldn't mind if they spent a couple of hours a day on Pottermore. Lots of reading and fun to be had. 

Paper books ~ By far, my favorite way to read is a book made entirely of paper. Nothing can beat the smell of a new book. Or how a book feels in your hands.

Of all the six people in my family, only one has gone straight ebook, and that is my husband. He travels a lot so it makes sense that he wants ebooks. My oldest and youngest both read only paper books. The rest of us read paper books and use our Kindles. 

Do you have a favorite format for reading?


Ms. Yingling said…
Netgalley is one of my favorite things. I'm not a huge fan of e books (nonfiction can be SO hard to read on them), but when I'm not sure if I will like a book, I'd rather have a digital than a paper copy. My girls refuse to read anything but paper, though!
Taffy said…
We sound very similar, Ms. Yingling!
Anonymous said…
I've seen people on the exercise bike in the gym reading a book but never seen anyone with an e reader. That would defeat me so I stick to the audio instead while I work out
Anonymous said…
I love all of these different ways to read! I am a big graphic novel fan and haven't checked out the Shannon Hale ones. They are going to my list ASAP!
I love my ebooks for trips and for taking notes, but I'm with my real, live books.

Hope you are enjoying Armchair BEA!
Joy said…
Lovely post -- I like all your illustrative photographs.

Joy's Book Blog
Danielle said…
I have a nook, personally, but one of the things I love about E-readers is that they're so convenient. Like how you take them to the rec center, you can take an E-reader anywhere and that makes it really useful.

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