Friday, May 23, 2014

Foto Friends Friday

First of all, how can you not like a guy who is wearing a bow tie? Secondly, and one who can rock it?
Jeff, I mean, Scott, I mean J. Scott... 
Apparently, he answers to all of the above and many more that I didn't dare ask him about. He was introduced as Jeff and that is what I call him. Unless someone else calls him Scott then I'm all confused and I mentally wonder if I've been calling him the wrong-but-right name during the conversation. 
Yes, that ladies and gentleman, is Jeff/Scott Savage. Name confuser, gentleman and scholar. And writer. Impressive writer. My boys read his books. I read his books. And I can't wait to read more (hurry up and get them published, will ya?).
Jeff is also a classy guy. Look at the photo below. When he won his Whitney Award, what did he do? He took a hold of his wife's hand, and took her up with him. He gave her lots of credit for her support. Classy.

In the writing community, Jeff is a down-to-earth writer who is willing to listen to and help others, even newbie writers like me. He is genuinely interested in others and their work. He's a good listener and a good advice giver. He wins the award for the best writerly friend ever.


Jessie Humphries said...

Aww, that was an adorable moment when he brought his wifey up. So sweet.

J Scott Savage said...

Thanks, Taffy!