7 Useful (and Free!) Apps for Writers

I don't know about you, but my iPhone/iPad are sadly underutilized. I try to us them for journaling and keeping notes but I haven't found exactly the apps that suit me. I'm a person who likes to try new things and keep trying until I am firmly stuck on the ones I love.
Here are a few apps I love, and a few I'm still trying out.

This note-taking app makes it very easy to write notes and organize them. Plus you can add pictures and verbal notes! I love that I can sync between phone and computer.

Note Taker HD
This is an interesting and intense app. You can take notes with a keyboard, stylus or you can write with your finger. I haven't been able to figure it all out yet but it's cool. And my hubby loved it.

This is a cool app that allows you to mindmap your thoughts. I need to play with it more. Another mindmapping I'm trying out is MagicalPad.

This is a simple word count app to keep you on track and productive.

Pandora or Jango
I listen to music while I write. It helps me tune out my inner critique. I like the apps that allow me to create my own stations. Every book I write seems to have a different station. My YA psychological thriller tuned into The Cure station while my YA contemporary characters enjoyed American Authors and Mumford & Son

Name Generator
There are tons of free name generator apps. From pirate to roller derby to cage fighter to convenience store names, you need a name ? There's an app for that. ;)

Don't forget your camera is a fantastic way to store visual ideas.

*** I have one more writing tool I LOVE I use on the computer to help me edit: AutoCrit Editing Wizard. You can get it for free or pay for the year. This editing machine shows me overused words, cliches, pacing, etc. I use it every time I edit.

Do you have a favorite app? Writing or non-writing? 
What is it?


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