Megan Whalen Turner, my new BFF (sh! she doesn't know yet)

I was invited to spend some time in the presence of one of my favorite authors, Megan Turner. I think the event was ThiefCon.

We brought Meditereanean food to share and books for Megan to sign.

She asked each of us how we found her books. There were two of us who said we were trying to read Newberry books and read hers. Most of the others pointed to someone in the room who introduced them to The Thief Series.

We got to ask Megan questions after we ate dinner (which was delicious! Lots of bread!). Can I just tell you how funny and normal and down to earth she is? I want to be just like her. Even learn to knit (like she did while we talked). I'd say it was two hours worth my time.

Megan told us she's working on two more books. Yippee! 

I have another picture of me, Peggy and Megan to prove I met her, but the pic is hideous.
Maybe I'll post it randomly another time so no one knows what's going...


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