LDStorymakers Conference ~ POV with Jaime Theler

The point of view (POV) is the eyes through which writers tell a story. I seems simple enough, but getting the POV right can make or break your story. We learned about the different types of POV, their advantages and disadvantages, and how to use this tool to bring our story to life.
(pssst! Jaime and I are in a critique group together. She's pretty chill.)

How to pick a point of view:
Who will be hurt by the action?
Who can be present at the climax?
Who gets most of the scenes?
Who will provide an interesting outlook to the story?
Whose head are you most interested in inhabiting during the sotry?


1st = me, myself, I
2nd = you
3rd = he/she, ominscient, one head, multiple heads

Distant 3rd person:
You want freedom to describe settings or characters without filter of character

Middle distance:
Good for multiple POV stories

Popular in classical like Jane Austen
Can go into any characters head
Narrator becomes an invisible extra character
It would seem to be easy POV but it's the most difficult to do well
It is NOT head hopping
Be careful to not get preachy
Can us for sections of a story, like at the beginning or end like in Harry Potter


How many classes did Jamie teach?! That girl is amazing. I loved her Twitter class. By the way I'm sitting across from your house right now. I'm pretty sure your getting in your car. Yes I'm a creepy stalker!
Jaime Theler said…
I needed to see this post and comment today! Thanks! :)
Jaime Theler said…
I needed to see this post and comment today! Thanks! :)

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