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Monday, May 13, 2013

INSOMNIA by J.R. Johansson

It’s been four years since I slept, and I suspect it is killing me.

Instead of sleeping, Parker Chipp enters the dream of the last person he’s had eye contact with. He spends his nights crushed by other people’s fear and pain, by their disturbing secrets—and Parker can never have dreams of his own. The severe exhaustion is crippling him. If nothing changes, Parker could soon be facing psychosis and even death.

Then he meets Mia. Her dreams, calm and beautifully uncomplicated, allow him blissful rest that is utterly addictive. Parker starts going to bizarre lengths to catch Mia’s eye every day. Everyone at school thinks he’s gone over the edge, even his best friend. And when Mia is threatened by a true stalker, everyone thinks it’s Parker.

Suffering blackouts, Parker begins to wonder if he is turning into someone dangerous. What if the monster stalking Mia is him after all?

 First line:
"It’s been four years since I slept, and I suspect it is killing me."

Oh my glob! This book made me a good way. Poor Parker! He has strange dreams that don't allow him any rest. For the last four years, the last person he makes contact before he sleeps is whose dreams he has. He witnesses horrible/odd/creepy things he wishes he didn't. (Four years!! How can someone go that long without sleep and not go crazy?)
Then he meets Mia. And looks into her eyes. Parker worries about entering her dreams but finds they are peaceful. And that he can sleep! Now Mia is like a drug to Parker. He can't get enough of her dreams because now he is rested. He almost stalks the poor girl. Then she gets threatening letters and everyone, including Parker, wonders if it's him.
Ms. Johansson has written an amazing, mind-numbing book. I couldn't take it all in at once and yet I couldn't put the book down. 
And the series is called The Night Walkers?? Creepy! And intriguing! Bring it on!


Rating: PG 17
L: No
S: kissing
V: Fighting, nightmares, blood,

Unique story


4 1/2 STARS

Thanks to Netgalley for the preview.


Sarah said...

Hey Taffy! Nice to see you again. We met at the dinner before Storymakers started.

This book does sound interesting. I'll have to check it out.

Yamile said...

OMG1 Four years without sleeping! I can't imagine. this sounds like an amazing book. I can't wait to read it!

Leslie said...

I'm both excited and scared to read this book (since I'm such a chicken), lol! I love the plot description and have a feeling I'm going to love it.

Taffy said...

Hi ladies! Thanks for coming over. The book was good.

brandileigh2003 said...

Parker is quite the character, and it does wear you out trying to figure out with him what is going on

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