ESTHER the QUEEN by H. B. Moore

She is a beautiful young Jewess, content in her life of anonymity... He is the most powerful king in the world... When chance brings the two together, the course of history is forever altered.

The glittering court of the Persian Empire serves as the backdrop for one of the most poignant tales of courage in the Bible, brought vividly to life in the pages of bestselling author H.B. Moore’s sweeping saga. And it begins on a dusty road in the Jewish Quarter . . .

An unexpected meeting between Esther and King Xerxes results in an immediate and unmistakable connection. When Esther is summoned to enter the king’s harem—the first step toward becoming his wife—Esther is torn between her desire to be with Xerxes and the knowledge that they will forever be divided by the secret of her Jewish heritage. Encouraged by her family to do what she must to help her people, she deftly navigates her new position in the palace, quickly becoming beloved by all—including Xerxes.

But when a treacherous plan threatens to engulf the kingdom in violence, Esther must choose between love and duty.

First line:
“You will be the bride today,” Abigail said, tugging on Esther’s hand.

I read Esther the Queen in one weekend. Another good story from H.B. Moore, full of intrigue and romantic tension and, as always, historically accrurate. I enjoy learning history without knowing I am.
Esther is a good, strong character. Kind, gentle and strong in her faith. She inspired me to be better. That's good writing. I had no idea how long a woman had to be 'cleansed' before meeting the king. That's a long time to think and wonder if the king is still thinking about you. Even during this part of the story, Esther was kind to those around her and made many friends and allies.
King Xerxes is cute (at least in my head) and also kind. I liked watching him change into a better/moral person. And the drive to make his kingdom and people better also.
Haman is a fantastically written villain. Vile is a good word to use for him. I hated him throughout the whole book.
There were several intense places too: the plot to kill the king, Haman making the edict and Esther going to the king.
Then came the scene with Esther going before the king and then telling him the truth a few days later--very moving. I even got teary-eyed and that's hard to do with this reader.

Rating: PG
V: No
L: No

Ms. Moore's writing
King Xerxes


4 1/2 STARS


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