You Are A Dealer of Words

I love this quote! Thanks to Christy Dorrity for sharing it. It inspired me.

I loved biographies when I was in grade school and learning about people like Helen Keller and Harriett Beecher. There were so many amazing people in the world that I wanted to get to know.
In high school I was 'forced' to read LORD OF THE FLIES. I didn't love those books but they stuck with me. LOTF haunted me and I wondered how I would act in their place. 
But the book that has stayed with me for years-the one I love--is Jane Eyre. Jane resonated with me. She had an inner strength that helped her stay strong and true to herself.
Each of the above examples are totally unique and different from each other. They go from national heroines to brutal human behavior to an orphaned girl who dreams of a love. 
And all of the above examples are writers who are "dealers of words". Which, my writerly friends, is you. You are the only person who knows how to deal out the words in your heart and mind. No one has been through the same experiences as you. There are readers who need your story. 
Please write sit down today and write. 
The world is waiting.


Julie Daines said…
When I was a kid and I had the chicken pox, I read the whole Wrinkle in Time series in three days. For me, that was fast. I loved reading--and still do. I read all the Black Stallion Books, the Anne of Green Gables, Tuck Everlasting, and even a ton of the Nancy Drew mysteries. There's just nothing that evokes the same feelings and emotions and magic as a good book!
Taffy said…
I loved Nancy Drew! I also read all the Anne of Green Gables. Have I been deprived when I say I haven't read the Wrinkle in Time series??
I love Jane Eyre too ;)

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