Wednesday, March 6, 2013

VODNIK by Bryce Moore

Tomas returns to Slovakia where he must first avoid a vodnik, straight out of a fairy tale, who wants to drown him and put his soul in a teacup, and then beat Death to save his cousin's life.

Last line:
"Like I was home."

Fun, educational story full of mythical stories and magic and adventure. Tomas life isn't really normal. He has burn scar that he hates, he almost drown once and now his parents have moved him to Slovakia. But the first day in this new country, Tomas sees creatures he's not suppose to see, like Death. He has no idea the adventure he's come into or the mystery he will have to unravel to save his cousin, Katka.
Katka is sick and Tomas can help her if he can figure out how to work up a potion or spell to help her.
Tomas has a lot of flaws or weaknesses. He's scared of water after he almost drown, he screams any time he's surprised and he's a bit of a wimp. 
But he doesn't quit when he learns he can help his cousin and uncle. He doesn't quit after being beat up by bullies and he doesn't quit when strange creatures scare him, like the Vodnik.
LOVED Vodnik. What a funny, strange little man.
One aspect that confused me was where Tomas lived. Did he live with his parents? Because they weren't around when he got beat up or disappeared or snuck out of the house multiple times. Tomas spent a lot of time with Katka or at her house with her dad.

Rated: PG
V: Some fighting 
L: Some
S: No

Slovakia folklore
Beginning of chapters 

The beginning 1/3 of the book confused me



Anthony Dutson said...

Sounds great! I love books based on old myths.

Taffy said...

I think you'd like this one, Tony.