Wednesday, January 23, 2013

MICHAEL VEY: Rise of the Elgen by Richard Paul Evans

Michael must save his mother—and protect his powers—in the electric sequel to the #1 New York Times bestselling Michael Vey, from Richard Paul Evans.

Michael was born with special electrical powers—and he’s not the only one. His friend Taylor has them too, and so do other kids around the world. With Michael’s friend Ostin, a tecno-genius, they form the Electroclan, an alliance meant to protect them from a powerful group, the growing Order of Elgen, who are out to destroy them. The leader of the Elgen, Dr. Hatch, has kidnapped Michael’s mother, and time is running out.

After narrowly escaping an Elgen trap, Ostin’s discovery of bizarre “rat fires” in South America leads the gang to the jungles of Peru, where the Electroclan meets new, powerful foes and faces their greatest challenge yet as Michael learns the extent of the Elgen’s rise in power—and the truth of their plan to “restructure” the world.

First line:
""This had better be important," the man said."
The next book in the Michael Vey series won't disappoint. With constant twists and action, and creepy plots like glowing rats, it's hard to put this book down.
Michael Vey is part of a special group of kids with special powers. And certain people want them dead. Another group of people also want the special kids, but hopefully to help them. But Michael must first save his mother, who has been kidnapped by the bad guys as bait for Michael.
Throughout the book Mr. Evans used a few convenient methods to get the kids out of trouble. Also, everything, and I mean, everything, rests on Michael Vey saving not only his mom but the world.
Dr. Hatch, the main bad guy, has no redeeming qualities. None. I'm curious how the Electroclan will defeat him in the next book. And how much more can the group take on?

Rating: PG
L: No
V: Fighting
S: No


Possibly FIVE more books?? 


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Jessie Humphries said...

I've heard great things about these books. Especially for kids with learning disabilities.