Friday, February 17, 2012

Show some love to all writers & authors!

This week is quickly coming to an end! Wow. As I post about the writers who have affected me, I realize there's even more than I'll ever be able to post about.

Once I entered the realm of writing a whole new world exploded open. I can not tell you how many amazing/awesome/cool/motivating people I've met.
Here is a shout out to all of you, my friends.
May your computers stay charged, your pencil lead not break, your ideas keep flowing and your story become what you dream it will be.

Loves and hugs to you.


Alice said...

I always enjoy reading your uplifting and encouraging words.

Anthony Dutson said...

You are so awesome! I'm so glad that we've had all this creative interest and are still loving it after mphmmmph... years. Looking forward to seeing you at our next conference!

Taffy said...

Thanks Alice & Tony! You guys made my day.