Monday, February 13, 2012

Show me the love! Heather Moore

First off, Happy Valentine's Week! I hope you do eat lots of chocolate.

This week makes me think of those who show love in my writing world. Those authors who pay it forward. I believe almost ALL writers help other newbies like me. Someone showed me kindness by giving advice or making me laughing or helping me see a better way.

I want to honor a few of them this week.

My first book had a LDS theme. When I finished my story I suddenly realized I had no idea what to do next. I researched the local market and came across someone by the name of Heather Moore. I read her blog, My Writer's Lair, read one of her books and entered one of her contests. I signed up to read and review one of her newer books. She thanked me personally when I posted the review. That's how she is.

We met at a writers conference. She was kind and funny and made me feel welcome. I saw her at a few more conferences (I really hoped she didn't think I was a stalker!), took a couple of her classes and sat down with her to talk. She freely gave advice, answered all my writing questions and basically bouyed me up when I needed it. She's awesome!
I'll be forever grateful to her and her faith in me.

(Show Heather some love by checking out her blog and telling her hi!)

What about you? Do you have someone you are grateful to? Someone who has paid it forward?


Julie Daines said...

Taffy, I have to agree that most writers are more than willing to offer advice and encouragement to beginners. It's an amazing field that way.

For me, the most influential writer has been Martine Leavitt. I took a weeklong workshop from her last year and I learned more in that class than all other conferences combined. Plus she liked my writing so much she recommended me to a publisher!!

Heather B. Moore said...

Taffy! You are awesome!

Stephanie Black said...

One writer who really took me under her wing when I was starting out was Kerry Blair. She was so warm, so helpful, so supportive.

The writing community is a wonderful place to be!

Julie Wright said...

Heather has been an inspiration to me from the moment I first met her. She's awesome in every way :) I agree.

Alleged Author said...

I'm grateful to Stephen King, but he'll never know. Great post!

andrea said...

I think it is nice when people are so kind. I believe in Karma and they are due for some good. Just like you being so nice to me at LTUE. It will come back to you someday.

Alice said...

I agree. Heather is great.