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Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas Break=No Writing

 It's Christmas break which I LOVE because:
my kids are home
we make lots of treats
we watch tons of Christmas movies
the routine is relaxed
neighbors visit
Christmas music plays all the time

The one draw back (other than gaining weight) is I won't have as much time on the computer. My writing time will be limited which stinks. I'm finding my groove with this YA Horror but it's still kicking my backside. I can't pantser this one like I have all the others. The story seriously will not let me just write and write and write. I have to be slow and methodical.
After reading through a little bit of one of my older stories, I had an epiphany why this latest story is so hard to write:
I think I'm getting better as a writer.
There it is.
I don't mean I'm the next NY Times Bestseller. I mean I'm understanding this craft better. Which is gratifying and hard. It's was kinda nice being obviously to my atrocious mistakes. Now that I know what they are, writing takes me longer.
I hope to get some writing done while the kids sleep in. That usually gives me a few hours (if I'm not sleeping in!). I'm not stressed though. Sometimes a break from writing recharges the old brain. I do plan on reading a ton though! Thus, my need for sleeping in. :)

What are your writing plans this holiday break?


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