Friday, December 9, 2011

CARVING ANGELS by Diane Tolley

Papa Adam, the North Pole's oldest elf and Santa's former chief carver, has given up. Blind, frail, and feeling useless, he counts the minutes in every day as he waits to die -- until his youngest granddaughter challenges him to carve again. Together they prove that the most beautiful creations can come from the most unlikely sources and with the right love and encouragement, anything is possible.

First line:
"The old elf sat on the porch of his cozy little cabin and gazed sightlessly out at the world, feeling at once worn out and useless."

Sweet, heartwarming and uplifting Christmas story. One I recommend buying for your Christmas book collection.
A story of love, family ties, elves and a little bit of Christmas magic. 
 Papa Adam has given up on himself until his little granddaughter visits, asking for a wood carving like her cousins received from him. At first he refuses but soon his love for carving is rekindled and a sweet relationship between grandpa and granddaughter is forged.
Papa Adam finds he is still needed, not only by his granddaughter but also by Santa Claus.

Papa Adam

I would LOVE to see this as a picture book somehow.

Rated: G

25% test (p. 29):

"Sometime later, the little girl set her carving down and began to scrape up her shavings.
Her grandfather turned toward her. “Getting ready to go, angel?” he asked.
“Yeah. The day-end whistle went,” she told him.
“Huh. I didn’t even hear it,” Grandpa said wonderingly.
“And I promised Mama I’d be home for supper.”
“Better scoot!”
She giggled. “Grandpa, you say the funniest
things!” She threw her arms around him. “Mmmm, you smell nice,”she said,“like fresh wood and peppermint.”
He laughed. “That's what grandpas are made of," he said, hugging her back. “Will I see you tomorrow?”
“Oh, yes, Grandpa! I want to finish this bird for
Mama for Christmas!”
“But Christmas is still months away!” “That’s okay!” “Well, all right then.” Another hug. “I love you, Grandpa!” “I love you, too, dear . . . so much!” And she was gone.
Grandpa carefully tidied up the room and threw a cloth over the tools set in regimental order on the..."


Julie Daines said...

Looks like a fun Christmas read. Thanks!

Cathy Witbeck said...

Taffy, just wanted to say how much I appreciate your reviews on goodreads. I've chosen a lot of books based on your recommendations.

Taffy said...

Thanks for stopping by Julie!

Cathy, you made me smile. I hope none of my recommendations have been something you haven't enjoyed.