My brain is still not fully functioning. I'm in "to-do" overload from laundry to ten pages for my critique group. I promise to post about the LDStorymakers Conference soon.
So you don't go away angry or mad or sad, here is the pitch I gave:

"Mandy's having a bad day. She just found out her mother is an alien and her father has been covering it up for years. While researching the disappearance of her best friend's brother, Mandy uncovers the dark truth about aliens running her town."

Whaddya think?

See you in a few days.


Shallee said…
Ooh, I like it!! I would totally read it, you've quite piqued my interest! Nice job on crafting an engaging pitch.
Taffy said…
Thanks, Shallee!
Jennifer Wolf said…
I like it, good job. Middle Grade or YA? Coming up with a catchy pitch is sometimes harder than coming up with 40,000 words.
That sounds great! I would totally read it and have you on my podcast :)
Julie Daines said…
Sounds awesome!!! Excellent summary!
Taffy said…
Hi Jennifer! YA. Funny thing, the editor I pitched to didn't ask. She just said she likes aliens and wants to read more. I asked her where it would be on a shelf and she said sci/fi YA.
It was totally hard to condense! I can't take ANY credit.I met a few new friends at the writing conference and they helped.
Taffy said…
Thanks Lillian and Julie!

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