Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Playing Full Out @ Writing Conferences

I read this article and wanted to write my own post about Playing Full Out because I believe in it not only at conferences but in life.

<------(The picture has nothing to do with writing. Don't kids play fully though??)

I've been to my share of writing conferences. I always come away recharged and ready to revise my stories to be better. I've noticed a few shy attendees, hiding in the corner or in the back, somehow fearful of talking to anyone.

One piece of advice I received before my first conference: Don't be shy.
If any of you know me, that's not a problem. But, I still feel a little overwhelmed by all the people. Writing conferences are full of interesting/amazing/funny people. You just have to take a step forward and meet them. The person you want to talk to probably feels the same way. :)

Next piece of advice: Inhale the knowledge.
Not matter how tired or bored, don't get distracted. Learn from the experts, those in front of you.

Why playing full out though?
  • Anytime you are bringing your very best to the conference, you are raising the bar for yourself and those around you. Even the presenters benefit. When you are doing your best, negativity isn't around, only the positive comes through.
  • When you are playing full out, you are totally into the class you're in and you absorb and understand more.
  • Playing full out means you are more open to change, doing better. And your work will reflect that change.

What about you? Been to any conferences where you played full out? Any more advice you'd give?

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Julie Daines said...

Taffy, you definitely play full on at the conferences. I can't keep up with you! I'm not sure anyone can! :)