Wednesday, January 19, 2011

What Do Highly Paid Authors Do?

They write lots and lots of books. Last I heard, James Patterson churns out one book a month. While many don't like his writing style, many do. Many writers use the "beach book" formula and get their books published. So write and write and write!

They write more than one book. What do Stephen King, J.K. Rowling and Mary Higgins Clark have in common? They've written a series that have the same characters we readers like to follow.  While I personally am getting annoyed with all the trilogies (I'm not very patient. Ask my hubby about a certain Christmas season many years ago when I opened my presents to see what I was getting. I couldn't wait!) they sell not one, not two, but THREE of your books.

Patience my young padawan. It takes time to write and publish a book let alone get your name recognized. Name ten authors. How long have they been around? But don't be discouraged. Find your pace and move!

Do you have a favorite author that you would read no matter what?


KarenG said...

Excellent point, Taffy! This makes me want to go write two more books.

Taffy said...

Go Karen!

Peggy said...

Hmm. Author who I would read no matter what....

I'm going to say Brandon Sanderson, because he amazes me EVERY SINGLE TIME. (With the exception of the Wheel of Time books, because I'm not willing to read the 11 that came before his. I know. I should be shot.)

Who's your fave?

Taffy said...

I love Orson Scott Card right now. Brandon is not far behind.
Also, Jeanette Rallison is one of my faves.