Monday, November 1, 2010

LUW-Hero's Journey-Annette Lyon

Now we are going on the journey:

Refusal of the call
Hero refuses because of fear or other excuses.
Threshold Guardians can prevent the hero from going also.
The mentor gives the hero a kick in the pants
I.E. Dursley destroys Harry's letters

Meeting With the Mentor
This meeting usually (but not always) takes place before the hero commits.
This gets the story moving and provides the hero with training and/or helpful object for quest.
I.E. Gandolf give Frodo ring w/ instructions on how to destroy it.

Crossing the First Threshold
This is the point of no return, leaving the ordinary world behind and entering the new world
Shows hero's commitment to the quest.
With the reluctant hero the quest is pushed on him.
Guardian often appears.
I.E. Frodo and Sam leave the Shire; Dorothy lands in Oz

Tests, Allies and Enemies
Hero adjusts to new world.
S/He is tested in many, progressively harder ways.
The hero meets people along the way and must determine if they are enemies or allies.
Gets a sidekick.
Gets a rival.
I.E. Bennett girls meet men like Darcy, Bingley and Wickham

Approach the Inner Most Cave
Hero prepares for this test, which will get him ready for the final ordeal.
Hero uses lessons learned to get thorough.
Often enters new special world.
I.E. Toys make a plan to escape--they come alive and freak out Sid.

The Ordeal or The Climax
Hero's final exam
S/he battles shadow, facing greatest fear.
Must be willing to sacrifice something or their own life.
I.E. Luke fights Darth Vader

Reward--Seizing the Sword
Hero captures or finds the treasure, elixir or accomplishes the point of the quest.
Celebration or 'campfire scene
Hero understands something about himself, has grown
I.E. Finding Nemo- they escape the aquarium

The Road Back
hero returns back tot he ordinary world
Shadow may not be defeated.
Common time for chase scenes.

The Resurrection
Hero has a physical ordeal that pushes him to the limit.
Often showdowns with villain.
Hero is changed forever
I.E. Buzz loses an arm and despairs. Luke appears to die in trash compactor

Return with the Elixir
Story wraps up
Receive rewards of punishment
Wrap up all plot threads
Hero may leave their world.
Elixir may be knowledge and share it.
I.E. Frodo leaves Shire

Books for Hero's Journey ideas:

Were you aware of the hero's journey in books before today?
Do you recognize it in your writings?

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