LUW-Heather Moore 2-Query & NY Times Advice

Advice from NY Times:
No background on first page.
No scenic descriptions.
Start at the moment where something major happens.
End chapters with a cliffhanger.

Readers want to be caught up in drama.
Readers want to be entertained.
Readers dont' want to be told or lectured.

Writer must find balance between exposition, which is slowest to a car chase, which is fastest.

Finding An Agent:
Writers DO need an agent even if they find a publisher first.
Agents help negotiate.

Mailing Query Letter:
To gain interest of an editor or agent.
Standard submission package should include:
One-page synopsis
Sample page of writing
Unless on publishers website it is stated differently.

Emailing Query:
Put "query" in heading
Keep letter professional
Use standard letter
Proofread before emailing!
Research agent & agency
Find out recent sales, client list, etc
Should have no reading fees
Junior or new agents are awesome!

Have you sent a query letter out recently? How did it go?


MaDonna Maurer said…
Love the clear cut simplicity of what to do...not that it will be easy for me, but what I should do is clear.

Will be thinking about this more after I clean up the NaNo project.
Thanks for the tips!
Peggy said…
Great tips, Taffy!

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