Back to NaNo??

I was gone over the weekend. Girls only weekend.

I left the laptop with hubby so he could do his homework. (He's working on his MBA online.)
So I took a legal pad and a few pens with me in case I have time to write in between talking, gut-bursting laughter and nummy food. I also took a couple of Christmas books to read for a review.

I surprised myself by writing SIX pages, front and back! So like 12 pages on legal sized paper. Whoopie! Most of what I wrote was based on Josi Kilpack's character sheets. I feel like I know my characters very well now. Plus Storyfix suggested stepping back and writing out bullets of my story. I only got a half page on that because I'm not an outliner especially when it comes to NaNo.

How are you all doing with your writing?
If you're doing NaNo, how's your story coming along?

AND! Do you have a favorite Christmas I can read and review?? I'm stuck. Maybe I'll just read Dickens again...


Angie said…
Good job! Sounds like a fun weekend. I will be reviewing a new Christmas booklet on my blog this week. Maybe you'll like that!
Not entering the giveaway, just wanted to stop by and say hi to the blogs on the hop! These are great books!

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