Wednesday, October 13, 2010

LUW-Josi Kilpack


External Characters:
Contrast vs. compliment
Reflect internal
Deflect Internal
Consider how others will percieve
Name characters wisely
Obstacle vs. Asset
Is the name, physical self, external self an obstacle or assest?

What is the stand out feature of your character? Is it good or bad? Does it reflect the internal??
What is the physical flaw of your character? Use it toward conflict, it can be the same as the stand out feature.
Does the flaw reflect the internal? This can be very powerful!
How is the flaw a strength? It can be a strength for others as well.
What is the characters perception of their physical self? Do they use it to their advantage or try and hie it? Do they feel burdened or blessed?

What is your characters special ability? What makes them worthy of their story?

Now go forth and write!

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