Monday, September 27, 2010


This was not the post I had scheduled for today. The post I had was brilliant, brilliant I tell ya. (Not.)
I'm taking a page from Dasher's blog and making a list:

1. My jump drive with over 60 edited pages of my WIP got fried by my new laptop. I had no idea that could happen! So learn from my stupid mistake (AGAIN!) and back up your stuff!

2. I had a "leaking" filling (isn't that a funny adjective for a filling?) and now half of my nose and upper lip are numb. I'm also starving. Eating with a numb mouth is awkward. I'm waiting until the numbness wears off before I eat so I don't eat my cheek.

3. I. Love. Castle.

4. I have writers AND editors block; I don't want to do either.

5. I just finished LINGER. Not sure what I think about it. I'll put up my review on my Book Addict blog in the next few days.

6. I'm going on tour! Walking tour, that is. With second graders. To see the working life of my great town. Should be fun trying to keep 28 kids on the sidewalk and off the street. Wish me luck!

7. My nose and lip are tingling. I hope to eat soon.

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Abby Stevens said...

I adore CASTLE!

Christine Fonseca said...


Jenn Wilks said...

I'm sooo sorry about your jump drive! Augh! And the filling and the numbness and the tingling . . . all are not welcome visitors in my mouth! (Not that they never come calling. They're pesky like that.)

And I'm almost embarrassed (now that I've seen the fangirl screaming) to admit that I've never seen Castle. Not even sure what it's about. Not even sure I should be getting myself addicted to more TV shows. :-D