Thursday, September 9, 2010

I Am Not Going To Educate Myself No More

Here's the deal.
I LOVE to read posts/stories/anything that makes me a better writer.
Thanks to Valerie's post here, I found myself looking at another way to see my story. Then I went followed a link from Valerie's post to Alexandra Sokoloff's blog.
People, if you haven't seen this blog, you must get over there! She has so many amazing posts like: Story Structure, Elements of Act I, Visual Storytelling and so much more.

Story Elements Checklist is the one I want to talk about right now. Because it is the one that pushed me over the edge. The one that made me bang my head on my (closed) laptop.
The one that might just make my story better!
And it did!
But the problem is I'm getting ready to query this story.
Which means I'm done.
(I am finishing up editing. But I figure by the time I get my query good enough to send out then start getting the rejections fights over my book, the editing will be finished.)
But the stupid Story Elements Checklist made me see my characters need more depth. Which means I need to add a few more details, or layer more, in each chapter.
And a few scenes need changed around.
But I'm finished.
I started on the next story.
And I'm outlining one I want to do in November with NaNoWriMo.
Then I have three more stories to go through my critique group.
And the first five books from an author aren't as good as the sixth, right?
Fine. I'll rework this book and make it even more betterer.


Christine Fonseca said...

More betterer is always the best! GREAT POST!

Angie said...

Yeah for you, Taffy! Keep it up.

Kimi said...

Love this post--especially the title. I can imagine that would be a superfrustrating place to be with your story finished and then finding some stinking great advice on your story. Dang.

You're brave to take it on, but what else can you do? It would surely drive you crazy forever if you didn't.

Good luck, girlfriend!