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Paul Stephens has it all--a wonderful job at the FBI, a new girlfriend, and a great apartment. Even when Jimmy, a friend from his past, unexpectedly ends up on his couch, Paul has no worries. But when arresting a corrupt judge puts his girlfriend's life in danger, Paul and Jimmy will do anything to save her. How far will Paul go to protect the ones he love? Filled with suspense and action, Defensive Tactics shows just how much the bonds of friendship can endure.

I was totally engaged in the book from the beginning.
I liked Emily, who was cute, smart and unsure of herself in her private life but not in her professional life. There are a few men who find themselves wanting more than a friendship. One in particular is scummy and I wanted to slap his egotistical face a few times throughout the book. But the other men who worked with Emily protected her from him. And you just know that one of them has to be on the wrong side, right? 

Emily has to help bring down an untouchable judge who is smart and has protected himself from those who can bring him down. But can a person ever be safe from the same kind of actions that made them king of the mountain without making someone mad?

The book was well written and plenty intriguing to keep me reading. I told my dad I would send it to him to read because I think he would really enjoy this book. 

The only, small detail that took me out of the story was a bit of head hopping at the very end. But not noticeable. Sometimes words or sentences were repeated within the same paragraphs but again, not bad. 
The story is quick paced and exciting with a few twists. The characters are well crafted as is the storyline. Keep up the good work, Steve!

Rating: PG
V: Tiny bit. It is a thriller with bad guys
S: No
L: No

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Page 69 test:
"Emily's head snapped up. The perpetual dabbing motion with the napkin stopped. How did he know my name? she wondered. She sat in silence, her moth open slightly, looking to the assistant manager and then at the Judge.
"Thank you, Marcus. I will let you know if we need anything further." Judge Craven stared coldly at Emily while Marcus walked away. Emily sat in stunned silence, her mind racing, evaluating the gravity of her situation. She opened her mouth as if preparing to speak but nothing came out.
"Emily, you are exquisite. Since we will be working closely together, your loveliness will be a much appreciated perk." Judge Craven's glare intensified. "But I am disappointed. You have not been honest with me, have you? Maybe now we can speak candidly."
Emily's heart races as she watched the Judge with dumbfounded alarm.
Judge Craven smiled broadly. "Keep smiling," he reminded Emily. "Your associates many not be able to hear, but they can still see us. Believe me, you do not want them to be suspicious. If you do your part, they will remain sage in the can down the street and in the car at the rear of the building. Please, act like everything is going according to your original plan."
Emily's eyes narrowed. Was she feeling fear or merely contempt? The plastered smile on her face was not persuasive, but the Judge seemed to appreciate the effort.
"Listen closely, and I will explain how this will work. all you need to do is listen and look like you are having a pleasant conversation. Surly you can accomplish this simple feat."
Emily nodded. "What do you want from me? You must know I won't help you, whatever it is."
"You  do not listen well, do you? This deficit must be a real challenge for you at the FBI. For your sake, I hope your skill improves dramatically. Now be quiet," he said firmly. "When you leave here, you will report to your friends that you were able to make a real connection with me despite the unfortunate accident with your transmitter. You will tell them we have another casual date here, Tuesday evening. I wold have liked t meet again sooner, but unfortunately your team acted more quickly than I expected, and I have a meeting I must attend tomorrow."

I received this book for free but it no way affected my review.


Steve said...


Thank you for the kind words, and thank you for taking the time to review Defensive Tactics.


Tristi Pinkston said...

Awesome review, Taffy!

Yamile said...

This is a great review! I love your blog's new look. And I'm so happy to be in critique group with you, Jaime, Julie and Scott. What a blessing you guys are!

Alice Wills Gold said...

I really enjoyed this book also.

Glad you did too.

Funny I thought that Emily was really confident and you said unsure. he he

Everyone has a different experience with everything that they read.

Debbie Davis said...

Taffy, I loved your review, and I totally love the way your blog looks! I thought that you did such a great job on it! I need to get mine into gear so it looks just half as good as yours! =0)